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The Middle East Future Airport Virtual Conference brings together 2 days of technical airport professionals to discuss the latest technologies, processes, and innovations happening in the industry from around the world. Hear from over 30 speakers providing you with access to critical industry-leading knowledge. Speakers are selected based on a peer-review by the Middle East Future Airport Technical Committee.

Participate in the Virtual Conference Program to get in-depth insight on the latest projects, case studies, and technologies from leading experts across over 30 technical presentations.

  • As a distinguished speaker at the MEFA 2022, the opportunity to network extends beyond the conference, A networking time which you can interact and meet people.
  • Extend your influence as part of an exceptional Technical Programme.
  • Present your technical knowledge and experience globally to industry colleagues.
  • Raise your company’s profile at Middle East’s leading airport event by having the opportunity to participate in media interviews.
  • Present your technical knowledge and experience to global industry colleagues
  • Receive early access to submit for future international events, providing extended company reach.

The Middle East Future Airport committee and Task Forces will manage and lead the technical part of the process and are responsible for selecting the most relevant innovations. The chosen presenters will be given the opportunity to present at either an Industry Insight or a Technology and Innovation session.

Our Key Topics

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Smart Airport Technology

    Big data & cloud computing include data recording, storage, and processing, and now big data is used in the refinery sector for the estimation of the energy efficiency and to reduce the downtime, maintenance, and repair cost by using various models and analytics methods. it becomes necessary to have unique solutions and latest technologies discussed & showcased at ME Digital Refineries 2022 to deal with big data problem and issues faced by our sector.

Smart Security Systems

    Advances in process automation systems for oil refineries and petrochemical plants can also bring greater cyber security risks. These can include concerns about personnel safety, damage to expensive infrastructure, loss of production and negative impacts on company reputation. By understanding what contributes to the risk of a cyber incident, ME Digital Refineries 2022 will bring in experts and solutions for minimising safety concerns in the industry.

    In the oil and gas industry, the promise of IoT applications lies not with managing existing assets, supply chains, or customer relationships but, rather, in creating new value in information about these. An integrated deployment strategy is key for O&G companies looking to find value in IoT technology. At MEFA 2022 we will explore ways to better Transform oil and gas strategies with the Internet of Things.

Operational Excellence & Logistics

    Blockchain can help transform supply chain networks in the refineries — and how blockchain can enable immutable, transparent, and auditable business transactions among participants and suppliers, distributors, and partners. An AI Refinery in not far, where human and technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) combine for the best results. This applied intelligence can fuel growth and value, but the industry is still trying to determine how to get there.

Engineered Parts & Sustainability

    Data analytics, as an emerging trend, in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. Data analytics refers to a new technology which can be employed to handle large datasets which include six main characteristics of volume, variety, velocity, veracity, value, and complexity.

Ground Handling

    Petrochemical plants are as unique as they are complex. Refineries have long since discovered that dynamic simulation across units and processes in these complex environments is useful in several ways. Cloud technologies are being leveraged across industries – from retail to education and from financial services to manufacturing. However, their use in refinery plant simulation remains to be explored. At MEFA 2022, we will be discussing how can we advance using cloud.

Global Business & Markets

    MEFA 2022 will explore the adoption and scaleup of disruptive and multipurpose robotic technologies to deliver safer, cost-effective, and efficient inspection capabilities, emergency response, aerial mapping, project monitoring, security surveillance and environmental monitoring. We will showcase latest advancements in robotic equipments like UAV's with various sensors such as cameras, radiometric thermal sensors, optical gas imaging, hyperspectral, LiDAR and others.

Smart Airport Operations

    Sensing technologies are critical to monitor various processes in petroleum production, from exploration, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), well drilling, well completion, pigging, fracking, and refining, to decommissioning. Different modalities, including temperature, pressure, vibration, and strain/stress, are required to sense and monitor continuously in order to guarantee integrity of oil and gas production, storage and transport infrastructure onshore and offshore. Thus, the safety and reliability of oil production can be assured.

Customer Experiance

    Embedding machine learning allows them to learn from their past experiences. This means that machines at a refinery can use past data to predict future events. These predictions could include equipment maintenance or future disruptions that may occur at the plant. One of the best uses of AI is enabling computers to optimize plant operations based on historical trends. The overall automation of refineries helps plant managers minimize downtime and provide better ROI.

Our Speakers @ MEFA 2022

We feature a world-renowned lineup of presenters discussing advances in Airport sectors in the field of IOT, Artificial intelligence, Smart Facilities, Cyber Security and the value of advanced technology in Aerospace Industry, and the range of opportunities in engineering and global business.

Kashif Khalid

Regional Director - Africa & Middle East

Nagy Abu Zeid

Vice President Corporate Planning
Oman Airports

Atanasios Titonis

Chief Executive Officer
Ras Al Khaimah International Airport

Mohamed Albinfalah

Chief Executive Officer
Bahrain Airport Company

Jouhayna AlMheiri

Air Traffic Controller
General Civil Aviation Authority GCAA

Suaad Alshamsi

Senior Project Manager
Etihad Airways

Mervat Sultan

Women In Aviation Middle East Chapter

Saleha Ali Reza Badpa

Operational ATC Training Specialist DWC Tower
Dubai Air Navigation Services

Samantha Rowles

Transport Operations Director

Fatina Gammoh

Passengers Experience Performance Manager Airport International Group
Queen Alia International Airport

George Fenergi

VP, Business Transformation

Ersin Inankul

Chief Digital and Commercial Officer
İGA İstanbul Airport

Talha KOÇ

Head of Product Management
TAV Technologies

Natasha Bothma

Growth Director

David Marshall

Air Traffic Management Specialist

MEFA Awards

Digitalisation is acquiring foothold in the energy area with a clear focus on expanding effectiveness and decreasing expenses by utilizing progressed digital technologies. From artificial intelligence to data analytics, advanced twins and that's just the beginning, aiports and aerospace companies to use digital technology.

The Middle East Future Airports 2022 aims to recognise the best of the best in the Airport industry in the Middle east region. The awards programme will honour companies that have risen above various challenges and remained steadfast despite a very challenging environment.

If you are one of the companies with successful strategies and initiatives in adapting to the new reality, pushes for digital transformation, and mitigates the impact of the pandemic to your business, put forward a submission for this year's awards. Nominate your most exceptional initiatives and achievements and be honored as an outstanding leader in the industry!

The Middle East Future Airport 2022 will deliver a full day of valuable content through the new pandemic shifts on innovations and technology and innovations held during the final day.