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Technology is redefining experiences for passengers, staff and airport operators by increasing agility, reducing energy use, and cutting operational costs. Among these changes, a common thread stands out – the convergence of sensors, data and connectivity. The crisis has also triggered a change in thinking around conventional processes at a rate that we’ve not seen in the last 50 years of aviation. It’s being driven by both the necessity and desire to recover as quickly as possible. Markets, customer behaviour and, yes, viruses will always be unpredictable, but change doesn’t have to be.

ME Future Airports will be the hot spot for industrial transformation. Through talks, panels, workshops and networking, MEFA will help Airports, top travel professionals understand changing trends across sectors, geographies, and the functional silos in the travel industry. Find out what will change in the future and what benefits you can reap.

Our Goals

With scaled-back personnel and limited financial resources, investing in collaborative, machine learning technology can seem daunting in the current environment – and yet, by imagining the ideal future airport blueprint, more intelligent technology is the one thing that can take the 2022 playbook and put it into action. Customer’s total experience is the product of many different airport stakeholders — security, baggage handling and airlines included — necessitating a community approach dedicated to delivering a delightful, seamless passenger experience. Airports are catering to diverse passengers with different profiles, trip purposes and expectations of what constitutes a stellar experience. Flexibility and adaptability have become a strategic part of any successful passenger experience. The diverse and sporadic experiences add up to critical moments of truth that create the overall customer experience.

Self-service technology, predictive analysis, artificial intelligence, real-time information and data-sharing are just some of the digital concepts airports around the world are deploying in an attempt to achieve a seamless passenger experience. Yes, technology presents enormous opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction at airports. It helps reduce queues and congestion with faster processing and higher throughputs; but it also provides an opportunity to get to know the customer better and deliver a more personalised experience.

GCC air freight transport market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% during the forecast period of 2021-2026. It is competitive and fragmented with many international and local players actively competing for market share. The technology integration in the logistics sector is high and the emergence of digital players in the pool is increasing. Ecommerce growth has also helped in the emergence of digital players in the region. With the overall logistics infrastructure in the country developing rapidly the rivalry within the industry is expected to be fuelled further.

MEFA 2022 is scheduled to take place on 23RD - 24TH MARCH 2022 to show itself as an ideal location for the world of business and trade in Middle East. We hereby invite you to attend this premier initiative as Sponsors, Speak and contributing delegates to make this a truly valuable exchange for our industry, We look forward in welcoming you...

Virtual Conference @ MEFA 2022

The Middle East Future Airports 2022 is interactive and hands-on virtual conference bringing the full features of a trading conference on your device. Middle East Future Airports 2022 provides a unique opportunity for sponsors to connect with more than 200 of the most progressive decision makers in the industry. Engage with early adopters, and capitalize on solid visibility.

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